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Flatwater Marathon Racing


Marathon racing includes paddlers from 8-80+yrs old and is mostly based on ability, 
At 8-12yrs there are special races, usually separate for boys and girls. These races are around 2 miles long.

From 12yrs up racing takes place in Divisions, as you get faster you progress up the Divisions from Div 10 up to Div 1.
From Div 10-7 races are 4 miles long
From Div 6-3 races are 8 miles long
Div 2&1 races are 12 miles long. 

Gailey race all around the Midlands and usually in the end of year final which can be anywhere in the country. All races are held on Sundays and are great social events

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Flatwater Sprint 


Sprint racing involves paddling as fast as you can in a straight line over a short distance. 

These races are set in ability categories or occasionally in age groups, male and females usually race separately.

Distances include 200m, 500m, 1000m, 2k and 5k.

Sprint races at the moment are held at HPP in Nottingham, 4 or 5 times through the year,  but there is a drive to have more 'regional' or club sprint events. 

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Gailey CC Committee

Elected Officers 2021:

Chairperson - John Clive - john.clive@btinternet.com - 07790 216741

Vice Chairperson - Simon Eskriett

Secretary - Louise Clive - l.clive@gaileycc.co.uk

Treasurer - Louise Clive

Team Leader  - John Clive

Paddlers Rep - Steve Smith

Health & Safety - John Clive


Duty Holders:

Welfare Officers - John Clive /  vacancy

Publicity / Fundraising -  Whole Club

Website - Louise Clive

Race Organiser - Louise Clive